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Our meetings are held at The North Stafford Hotel in Stoke-on-Trent on a Thursday morning at 6.15am

Once a week you get a vibrant meeting of one of the most popular and successful BNI groups in the country.

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The true facts about Britannia BNI

Our chapter can boast an average 1.33 referrals, compared to the national average of 1.0 and 0.86 for Staffordshire and Shropshire.

We have an average membership of 32 compared to 21 nationally and 18 for Staffordshire and Shropshire.

Our average TYFTM is £11,339.31 per member ahead of £7,465.86 for Staffordshire and Shropshire and up there with the best nationally!

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Welcome to Britannia Chapter BNI

Welcome to the Britannia Chapter of Business Network International (BNI), a worldwide referral organisation helping like minded businesses come together to create worthwhile relationships and achieve real growth. Our chapter currently consists of 30 companies and organisations who meet each week to network and pass qualified business leads to each other.

Our members represent successful, fast growing companies from around the region all offering professional products and services from a wide range of sectors. We work collectively as a unique sales force actively looking to identify real business opportunities for every single member.

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Get great testimonials for your business from other members, allowing other business to find out how good you are.

By: John Hollins (The Specs Place)
For: Tony Hobbs (Tranquil Still)

"As a healthcare practice it is very important to ensure infection control and good health and safety practices always, but moreso during the Covid-19 pandemic. Tony at Tranquil Still changed his business completely during the pandemic to supply hand sanitiser to people to allow them to safely sanitise their hands and continue working as normal.

The hand sanitiser is 80% alcohol as per WHO gold standard - where most of the sanitisers out there are 70% and I have seen a rise of the 60% or less versions available during the pandemic (which I assume is just to make money off people desperate for sanitiser as it is not up to standard for killing bacteria and viruses). Being at 80% the hand sanitiser is the best hand sanitiser I have ever had in my optical practice The Specsplace in Longton. I feel very safe now being able to offer all my patients effective infection control immediately on entering the practice keeping them, my staff and myself safe.

I cannot speak highly enough of Tony and Tranquil Still for the work he has done during the pandemic ensuring extremely high quality hand sanitiser is made to ensure people's safety as there are so many inferior products popping up now praying on people's need for sanitiser.

Tranquil Still does the best hand sanitiser going - so if you need some contact Tony at Tranquil Still!

Thank you for your great work

John at The Specsplace"

Speaker of the Week

Each Thursday morning a BNI member gets to do a 10 minute presentation about their business.

Edenfield H&S Training and Osteopathy Limited

Chris Austin
Edenfield H&S Training and Osteopathy Limited

Health & Safety Training and Osteopathy

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