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Back on Track Teens is working to transform the lives of young people globally through a program called Ignition! - The Spark to Your Success. Ignition! is a personal empowerment program for young people - educating young people to know how to be confident, have great self worth and resilience and to have vision and direction for their futures.

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By: Ben Halstead (Dean Statham) 10/04/2019

Dear TeeJay

Just a little note to say thank you for my sticky man, he's brilliant and loves going to school with me.

I found your 10 day challenge really hard, but when my Dad said I could have a treat if I completed it, I tried really hard. After lots and lots of resets I've completed it, so we are off to the toy shop on Saturday to get my Generation Doll.

Could I ask one favour?

Could my little brother have a sticky man too; he keeps hiding mine so I'd like him to have his own.

Thank you again
IH Age 9